This Saturday (June 1st) at BuzzBrew’s in Deep Ellum

A group of us will be meeting at BuzzBrew’s in Deep Ellum this Saturday to commemorate the National Day of Civic Hacking. The City of Irving and Ft. Worth Makers event has hit their capacity for invitations so we figured an event closer to Dallas would be convenient for some people. BuzzBrew’s has large tables, WIFI and all the beverages you could want. We don’t expect this to be a large event but BuzzBrew’s should be able to handle even a reasonably large response joyfully (as long as we buy stuff to eat and drink).

This just in: ThoughtWorks and Brainfood have thoughtfully offered to randomly buy appetizers, drinks and other gifts for the participants. BC Workshop could not be reached for comment at the time of this update but there is a strong chance that they will also be guilted into providing snacks. Thanks to our sponsors!

Some of those confirmed to attend:

  • Russell Fish – Government transparency, especially in public schools. Self assembling wireless community networks.
  • Cone Johnson – Community building and graphic design.
  • Thomas Simpson – BC Workshop (The Public Agenda and other BC related topics)
  • James Spargo – Representing ThoughtWorks, Dallas. Free Software. Government transparency. Hacking on city council data and other interests.
  • Emily Schmidt – BC Workshop (The Public Agenda and other BC related topics)
  • Ean Schuessler – Free Software. Government transparency. Hacking on city council data and other interests.
  • Erik Schuessler – Making technology approachable with design. Building volunteer communities with technology. Free Software.

Some of the planned projects/topics for discussion and development:

  • Automatically pulling data from the Dallas City Council site (as visualized in The Public Agenda but with greater automation)
  • Self-assembling wireless networks with the Pinball router scheme.
  • Extracting and organizing PDF data with Solr/Lucene.
  • Crowd-sourcing neighborhood boundaries.
  • Using WordPress and other technologies for community building.
  • Building mobile apps with HTML5/PhoneGap.

If you want your name and/or topic here, send an email to ean-opendfw @